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Active Communities’ Network (ACN) is a youth and community development charity that works with companies all around the UK. ACN’s main focus is to improve and offer pathways for young people to better their future when they begin to transition into their adulthood. 

In 2015 ACN launched a new national programme in partnership with the ASDA foundation called 5 Star Active which is delivered across the UK in Hull, Doncaster, Bristol Gwent and Plymouth. Read more about 5 Star Active HERE.

ACN celebrate their 10th year in 2017. To commemorate this they are hosting  an award ceremony in London to celebrate the amazing work that goes on across all their programmes in the UK and the hard work that is undertaken by the people that deliver the programme. With this years awards taking place on Friday 17th of February.

Flying Futures have been lucky enough to have  two inspiring young people who have joined the team and excelled over the last two years. They have demonstrated great development and gained skills which resulted in them being nominated for the inspiring youth award and the award for youth enterprise.

Inspiring Youth Award

Aston began his journey as a participant where he showed the enthusiasm and desire to be more involved. He began to volunteer and eventually gained an apprenticeship, after a couple of months of making the step up from assistant coach to Lead coach on the 5 Star Active programmes. He showed he could use his initiative and his hard work was paying off, as attendances at the sessions grew. Aston is now responsible for assisting with the management of other programs and staff. He can now confidently deliver a range of sports and activities including football, tennis, rugby, cricket and many multisport games. Aston’s professional and friendly coaching approach has encouraged young people from all over Doncaster to attend his 5 Star active sessions and really warm to him. View his nomination video below.

Award for Youth Enterprise

Suzannah has over five years’ experience of leading, representing and motivating young people in community activities. During this time she has worked with young people from a range of backgrounds, so she is capable of adapting her engagement style to accommodate their needs. At the age of only 18 she has received two promotions  and now is the Future Communities Co-ordinator, Suzannah is responsible for co-ordinating community programmes such as 5 Star Active. This involves establishing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders at a variety of levels, including the public sector, VC sector and private sector organisations. Mentoring and supporting young people is one of Suzannah’s passions and works actively to help young people on the 5 Star Active programmes get into training and ready for employment.

We wish both Aston and Suzannah the best of luck at the ACN Awards, we are very proud!