MENU Flying Futures

On Thursday 22nd June myself, Sarah and 6 of our Dame Kelly Holmes Get on track participants attended the annual DKH ‘team day’ in London. We set off bright and early feeling very excited to see what the day would bring. As we arrived we were split into teams, got to spend the entire day in these teams, competing in metal/physical challenges all around the DKH 5 key attitudes and behaviours:  Determination, focus, resilience, motivation and confidence.

In our groups we were mixed with other participants from DKH programmes, other providers, trustees and world class athletes. The atmosphere amongst all groups was phenomenal, everyone became one and worked amazing as a team to get through the morning challenges. We then had some time to network and have lunch, at this point our participants used this as a perfect time to get selfies with Dame Kelly Holmes herself along with other famous faces!

The afternoon consisted of workshops with other partners, providers and athlete mentors. Ideas were shared along with talking about how the Trust has grown over the last year and what the future will hold. Exciting times to come!  Three of our participants attended the first meeting for the DKH youth voice panel, where they will have the chance to shape the future programmes.

The day concluded with hearing from a previous DKH participant whose life was completely changed by the ‘Get on track programme’ we also found out the results of who won the team challenges, Of course it was my team, ‘Team yellow’! But that wasn’t the end, we then had to take part in a mass participation final challenge. Still ‘Team yellow’ were undefeated; it goes without saying that they didn’t hear the last of it on the journey home! 

The day was a huge success, leaving us all very inspired and very tired. Our participants will continue to work with us and meet at our ‘Keep in touch days’. I would also like to use this opportunity to congratulate our participants and tell them how proud we are of them, they have all developed incredibly over the last 3 months and we are honoured to be able to work with each and every one of them.