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Did you really enjoy your NCS programme in the summer? Would you like to be involved again this summer? Well now is your chance!

We’re looking for a limited number of people to help out with NCS Summer 2018, supporting a team of new participants and helping them to have an amazing NCS experience!

Before you become an Ambassador, you’ll need to attend training in:
* Leadership
* First Aid
* Being an Ambassador
to make sure that all the NCS participants will be in safe hands.

We’ll be running these in different areas across Yorkshire, so can attend the ones in your area, or if you’re able to travel, you could visit another area and get them all done quickly

These sessions will all be fun and interactive, and they’re also great to put on your CV or for job applications. If you’re interested, email to hear about the next trainings.

Are you ready to continue making a huge social impact?

Action Day is almost upon us!

Our Flying Futures Youth Board is planning a campaign to reduce the amount of plastics people use. To appear in our video this is what you need to do:

Then send it via email to

Great social action projects are organised by young people just like you, with support from their local community and NCS partners. To get involved, simply start planning. You could choose to continue your NCS social action project, or you may decide to start from scratch – it can be in support of any cause you and your community feel passionate about! Your hard work could also be nominated for a Social Action Star Awards next year, where one Action Day project will win some very special prizes!

Keep an eye on our social media and check out our website for more info. But in the meantime, get your thinking cap on and figure out how you can make a difference.

Find out more at NCSYES.CO.UK/ACTIONDAY