MENU Flying Futures

I joined the organisation as an executive director in September 2011 and began (with Mark my other executive director) setting a new business plan and strategy for the organisation. We wanted to be clear on what we wanted to achieve and how the organisation was going to achieve this. At this point we had no staff, but were full of ideas and enthusiasm for where we wanted to get. I am pleased to say we have achieved many of these things and enjoyed rapid growth as an organisation.

My role within the organisation has evolved and as our staff team has grown I can step back from the operational side and focus solely of strategy, and making sure the organisation is financially secure and safe. I have overall responsibility for a number of areas of the business; including strategy and the business plan, budget setting and management, the development and management of effective governance systems and ultimately overall responsibility to make sure we meet our targets. I am really proud to be doing this.

I also fulfil the Company Secretary Role to keep the other board members in check.

I gained a degree in Sports Science from Sunderland University and began my working career as a fitness test coordinator. This involved testing how fit people were and writing them fitness plans to improve their fitness. I then moved into leisure management before deciding I wanted to explore the world and go travelling. My first stop was Europe where I packed my tent and guitar along with a pal and went busking, it was certainly an interesting experience. From there I went to Mexico and Cuba before ending my travels in Asia. These were amazing experiences and something I will never forget, they certainly helped shape me as an individual.

 I always knew I wanted to work with children and families and try to help improve things, this has always been important to me. My career in this area has been varied and I am now a senior leader within the NHS with significant experience in strategy and commissioning services.

My current role is Head of Strategy and Delivery leading on the Children and Maternity portfolios within Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS).