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Hi I’m Matt and I help with the delivery of the NCS programme. I graduated from Pontefract New College with a two year sports development and training course under my belt. I went on to volunteering for Flying Futures after the course to gain more experience and skills, After I was given the opportunity to learn even more but as a fully paid member of staff for the company. My interests consist of anything sport related, I love snowboarding in Austria every year with me going to Xscape of the odd occasion. I go to the gym quite regular and play for Pontefract Colls football team.

My role here consists of all aspects of what the Flying Futures offers, as an Apprentice I experience everything to learn new skills. My first main job role is StreetGames, this is where I go out to numerous Youth clubs and school sports sessions. Before each session I will need to come up and make a session plan to give us an idea of what we are doing. I also take part in Children in Need where for two days a week I will assist and lead in sessions for school children in an after school club. I also take part in the 5 star active sessions where I assist in additional sports sessions as a coach. Finally, the main job role is NCS, I’m more recruitment of participants for the program and this consists of going into schools, colleges and delivering assemblies, presentations and workshops.