MENU Flying Futures

On March 22nd, a handful of apprentices from different organisations such as Flying Futures and DCLT attended the Skills for Work BT Bootcamp. A day filled with activities and discussions to introduce us into the world of work; and take home practical skills to apply to our future careers.

Apprentices James Halliday from DCLT and Alicia Knowles from Flying Futures found the day insightful. Alicia said it a great opportunity to find out what employers want from future employees and how we can demonstrate those skills in interviews.

The day started by encouraging the group to think about themselves; what is important to you as an individual? What are you good at? This was to get the group thinking about where they see themselves in the futures and about the career path they would need to take to achieve this.

James found the discussions throughout the day more than helpful, saying “the tutor was competent, welcoming and had a very inclusive way of engaging the learners which meant that there was a good atmosphere for people to be productive. Especially when it came down to discussing hints and tips on writing your CV and interview practice. This part of the day was ideal for those who struggle with writing the perfect CV and confidence in interviews. With a helping hand from the tutor and volunteers from BT, we were taken through in great detail how to structure and what to include in your CV. Followed by an enlightening presentation all about what an employer first notices in an interview and how to make a great first impression”.

Alicia agreed, saying “having the BT volunteers involved with the workshop helped inspire discussions between groups, which was great especially if the groups were hard to engage. Not only this but it was an effective way to inform the learners of the diverse roles within the organisation”.

The Final task really put the groups skills to the test. As they worked together to create a pitch to be delivered in front of a panel for a new product of their design. Alicia and James both through this was an excellent way to challenge them individually and take them out of their comfort zone whilst building teamwork and confidence.  


The day was a huge success and beneficial to all those that participated. We will keep you informed about future BT Bootcamp events and how you can sign up to grab the opportunity to take part.