MENU Flying Futures

Debbie (name changed) is a 16 year old female. She lives at home in Bentley with her mother, father and twin brother. Debbie has a fairly good relationship with her mother and regularly speaks with her on the phone throughout the day. Debbie doesn’t speak of her brother often, but when she has she says he doesn’t really leave his bedroom. 

Debbie has a history of behaviour, emotional and social problems. She has previously been difficult in school- disrupting lessons, making verbal threats, refusing to work and absconding from site. Debbie is very active and enjoys playing sports, football in particular. She has a close friend that lives in Barnsley that she enjoys spending most evenings with.

Debbie was first referred to the Flying Futures alternative education programme by the deputy head at her school in Doncaster in September 2013. This was after several issues arose with her behaviour and attitude whilst attending an Alternative Curriculum programme within her mainstream high school. It was decided by staff at the school that Debbie would benefit more from an offsite provision, more tailored to her interests, in order for her to engage.

Flying Futures staff met with school staff and Debbie and together it was decided that a placement in a sport and leisure facility would be suitable, due to Debbie’s interest in sports. At this point Debbie was disengaged in school and unsure of what educational/career path she would like to follow.

Debbie had a history of very low unauthorised attendance at the School. Since joining Flying Futures, her attendance has significantly increased by more than double. This includes Debbie attending on school training days where she was not required to, but chose to. Debbie still has issues around attendance, but these are generally authorised through communication between Debbie’s mother and Flying Futures staff.

Debbie has built up positive relationships with staff at Flying Futures, as well as staff from her work placement. She can be difficult to speak to at times but also now regularly chooses to chat with staff openly about her personal life, as well as any difficulties she is encountering.

Staff running the Flying Futures programme have seen Debbie’s attitude change dramatically, she now appears more focused and engaged with what she would like to do. Debbie has spoken of wanting to eventually become employed at her work placement. With help from a possible traineeship- this goal is reachable.