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Our Kirk Sandall Doorstep club is one of Flying Futures original clubs, it was set up in June 2012 and proved very popular amongst the local young people. The sessions take place behind the youth club on the concrete patch which allows us to deliver sessions all year round, there is also a playing field which is used in summer months when attendances are high and the young people can enjoy great games of rounder’s and football. Over the years the delivery staff have been exceptional, the youth centre staff have entrusted the keys to the coaches so that they keep the youth club open on nights when it could not usually run. In the past few months we have seen the significant development of a young person which really highlights the positive effects the doorstep club has had on his life.


Aston Richardson used to attend the very sessions he now delivers as a lead coach, he left school in 2015 and after studying Sport at college he hoped to find a job in the industry which he enjoyed. However after weeks of looking he had to find employment as a labourer for the family business, this was not what Aston had hoped for when he left college. Aston started to labour on the offices of Flying Futures, he then found out it was this very company that delivered his beloved doorstep sport sessions that he used to attend. He quickly got involved with delivery staff and volunteered on the NCS programme. At first Aston found it quite challenging and daunting delivering sessions to a large number of young people, but he showed a lot of potential and this was evident by the way he could instantly get on with the young people, and with the confidence in which he delivered sessions.


Aston was rewarded with an apprenticeship with Flying Futures in January which enabled him to carry on his magnificent work whilst also gaining valuable qualifications that will help with future employment. After a couple of months of making the step up from volunteer to assistant coach Astons development was astonishing, he showed he could use his initiative and his hard work was paying off as attendances at the sessions grew. Aston was then given the opportunity to become a lead coach, he completed his level 2 multi-sports coaching qualification in April and is now responsible for 3 doorstep clubs, along with assisting with the management of other programs and staff. He can now confidently deliver a range of sports and activities including football, tennis, rugby, cricket and many multisport games.dsc_0050

 Aston’s story perfectly highlights the pathway from a participant at a doorstep club to employment in the sport for development industry, which we believe is the pinnacle what StreetGames and the Doorstep Clubs hopes to achieve. I’m sure Aston will continue his hard work at the Doorstep Clubs and provide the young people with opportunities which they otherwise would not have had.


If you think you could be like Aston and take your next step to being a sports apprentice at Flying Futures get in contact with our Future Communities Co-ordinator Bobby Johnson ( to express your interest. Start dates in the early new year.