Flying Futures: Camps

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about how we behave as a business.  Flying Futures CIC is committed to ensuring good practice and ethical behaviour throughout its entire operation.

As a social enterprise, our stakeholders can expect us to fully account for our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.  Our stakeholders cover the following groups:

  • All of the agencies we work on behalf of
  • All of the agencies we work in partnership with
  • The people we work with
  • Our staff and the people who work on our behalf
  • Our suppliers
  • The wider community in Doncaster.

The Board of Directors for Flying Futures will review progress against each part of this statement as a standing agenda item at each board meeting.

Our Ethics

At all times we will act within the law and all applicable professional standards and regulations.  All those who represent or work on behalf of Flying Futures will conduct all business in an honest and trustworthy manner in meeting the goals of the organisation.

We also support an inclusive working environment in which we value those who work for and with through our operations and ensure their fair treatment.