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We would like to update you on Flying Futures programmes and the risks associated with the current outbreak of COVID-19, a disease caused by a new coronavirus.

Flying Futures programmes include: NCS, The Epic Programme and First Aid Training

Flying Futures (in conjunction with the Senior Management Team) are closely monitoring the advice of the World Health Organisation and Public Health England. We are in close contact with the DfE and the daily updates that are announced. We will adhere to their advice or steps as required. The situation is changing daily, therefore any advice now will certainly either be out of date or radically changed as we get closer to each engagement planned.

There are a few things we can say…

Are Flying Futures programmes cancelled?

No, we have no intention of cancelling any Flying Futures programmes unless we are forced to in the interest of the health and safety of all those involved as this is and remains our first priority. For more information specifically about NCS programmes please visit

What are we doing at Flying Futures doing now?

Our staff are working every day on the delivery and planning of programmes and events for 2020 with great dedication. In addition, we are closely monitoring the situation and we will update all stakeholders if there are any changes, in the meantime please stay safe and listen to government advice.