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2017, what a year its been! The Flying Futures community have made successes and excelled by hitting countless targets, but this year we are determined to go beyond.

Over the last year we have achieved great amount especially through our National Citizens Service programme, enabling hundreds of our young people to gain valuable life skills and make memories that will last a life time!

We are proud to say that our NCS programme took away over 1370 young people this year alone. That’s over 1370 young people who have had the opportunity to experience  thrilling adventures in places such as France and Scotland; but also to help give back to their community and make a real change.

It is estimated that through the hard work and dedication of our NCS staff and participants; we have managed to give back to our communities over 42,000 hours of volunteering. To top it off, this year we’ve raised over £11,000 which has been divided between many great causes. It is fair to say NCS has made an outstanding impact, not only to our young people par-taking, but to those within our communities and hopefully this year the difference we make will be even greater.

 But NCS can’t take all the credit for a great year. Thanks to all of our Futures Communities staff we have engaged an additional 1380 young people in positive activities and delivered 190 accreditations. Not only that but we have provided 50 of our young people with work experience giving them the chance to exceed themselves and get the qualifications they need.

All of our programmes around the Doncaster area have helped support young people to ‘get on’ in Society and make an effective change to the community. Eight of these young people who have taken part in many of our programmes have now progressed onto paid work with our company.

It just goes to show the difference Flying Futures  are able to make to those around Doncaster

However, were not stopping here! The team has big aims for 2018; we want to focus on engaging 16-24 NEETs from Doncaster in worthwhile activities, provide more youth mentoring support to young people and get them more involved with social action around Doncaster. The company sees this as a chance to help develop the skills and interest of these young and to continue to beat our targets.

We also plan on delivering a wider range of activities for young people with an emphasis on tech literacy: since our lives depend so much on technology nowadays, this area of education will be greatly beneficial to the childrenin Doncaster.

The company will be making changes this year but we are stronger than ever and forever growing. So bring on this year, because 2018…we’re ready for you!