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Mathew Ashton is sadly leaving the Flying Futures team after two and half years of dedication and hard work to move onto his next challenge. We interviewed Mathew to find out how Flying Futures has helped him grow and gain the valuable skills he needs to continue in Youth work.

When did you join Flying Futures?

“I joined Flying Futures in May 2015 and started out as a volunteer and then went on to an apprenticeship programme with the company so I could continue working with young people and gain a qualification at the same time.”


What did you join Flying Futures to do?

“The main reason behind why I joined the Flying Futures team was because of the opportunities they offer young people, also to really gain valuable experience when working with these young people and taking part in community projects. I just wanted to be apart of it.”

Tell us about your Flying Futures journey 

‘I started doing community work like StreetGames and delivering sessions in Stainforth and other places around Doncaster. Then I did my level 2 and 3 apprenticeships, which led me onto doing recruitment for NCS.”

What’s been the most rewarding part of your whole journey? 

“My most rewarding part, no doubt, has definitely been the experience that Flying Futures have managed to give me. Especially helping me with my confidence and skills in youth work. When I first started at Flying Futures I was a very quiet lad, I didn’t even really talk, but now you can’t shut me up.”

How would you say you’ve developed through your time here?

“Like I said before, my confidence has grown massively. When I began delivering sessions standing in front of a crowd, I struggled, but now I can actually say it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Flying Futures has definitely given me the confidence I needed.”

What would you say to other young people looking to peruse an apprenticeship with Flying Futures?

“It’s a great opportunity, definitely to develop skills within yourself, like for me my confidence. But also to get that great experience working in the youth sector. There’s so many different aspects to the job, there’s always a role to suit you.”

We wish Mathew the best of luck in his new job, he has been a real asset to the Flying Futures team and has helped to change young people’s life’s around Doncaster and North Yorkshire.