MENU Flying Futures

Harry is an NCS graduate from summer 2018. He wanted to tell year 11 students at his school, the Reed School in Selby, all about his experience and encourage others to take up the opportunity to get involved. Thanks for sharing Harry and we hope to see you at graduate event.

Stage 1

For the first week I was staying in France in Château du Broutel for my activity stage. In this week we completed many team building activities such as raft building, abseiling, canoeing and many more. We were very fortunate as it was very warm in France making the water activities more exciting and enjoyable. This was the first week and I only knew one person I was going with but it was not long before I felt like I’d known them for years.

Stage 2

This was the second week and I was staying in the university of York, in this week I was involved in many activities like budgeting and my favourite the fashion show with only using newspaper. I enjoyed life as a student staying at the university as I had an amazing time getting to know even more new people from other groups such as our York counterparts.

Stage 3

This was the third and fourth week and I did a social action project. Our group decided to help a charity called Mencap in Selby which helps the mentally disabled. We raised awareness of the business in Selby giving flyers and holding a cup cake and other treats stall. Over all we raised around £100 pounds to which we bought a television for the charity to place in there meeting room.


Over all I enjoyed the NCS experience it has helped me in many areas and has improved my CV as the award is very good for University applications etc. I would strongly encourage anyone to take up this exciting experience as the friends, memory’s and skills will stay with you for a life time.


Harry Woodall Summer 2018 NCS Graduate