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I have been involved in Flying Futures since 2012, when I retired from my full-time career. I joined as a Non-Exec Director, but given the small scale of the business at the time, and my availability, I found myself getting involved very much hands-on in many areas of the business. This proved valuable to the business at the time, but more so to me as the work Flying Futures does, and the Third Sector in general, we quite alien to me at the time.

As Flying Futures grew, and grew rapidly, I reverted more to the Non-Exec role, but accepted the role of Company Chairman through to March 2016. The role of Non-Exec Company Chairman is one that is becoming more common in business. It gives a business the ability to have someone overseeing both operational and strategic activities, but from a position disconnected from the day to day, which offers a useful and valuable perspective on things.

My career up to retirement was in large corporations, both UK and international. Much of that career was in IT, specifically software development, in various roles such as developer, Analyst, Team Management, Project Management and Programme Management.

In later years I worked as a senior manager in a US Corporation, including working internationally and being involved in strategic planning and Director level operations.

I accepted the offer to be involved in Flying Futures because it was an opportunity to be involved in something different for me in two ways: it was a small organisation, where the working dynamics would be totally different, and one working in a sector totally different to my previous working life. I have a business related masters degree.

Flying Futures, back in 2012, was an organization of very few staff, but it had fantastic vision, values, and was clearly going to grow rapidly. The organization brings a fresh approach to the third sector, through innovative ideas and approaches, led by, and delivered by some great talent.