MENU Flying Futures

As the founder I very much see it as my job to set the vision for the business as well as being the public facing senior figure. I can often be found on social media offering an opinion or detailing my daily whereabouts. As Executive Director I have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Flying Futures staff, programmes, expansion, and execution of our mission.  One of my main roles within the organization is to win new business. Working in a non for profit environment their is often a perception we do things in a less business focused way. However we are a ‘social business’, my belief is that more than ever we should be working in a business like manner in order to generate further profits which can be used for greater social benefit.

It’s my job to drive this message within the organisation whilst wining new business to deliver even more services to young people. My career started at local government level working on a national social inclusion programme ‘Positive Futures’. Due to the local success I was seconded to work as part of the national ‘Positive Futures’ team working with the Home Office amongst other central government departments. During this time I was exposed to other national youth programmes and developed an extensive network of professionals whom I still work with today. When decision making was devolved to local Police & Crime Commissioners the need for a central team became redundant and I moved into service manager role with national charity Catch22. During my time with Catch22 I was promoted to senior business development officer developing relationships and winning new business for the charity.

In 2014 I left Catch22 to move into Flying Futures on a full time basis as Executive Director, and its here I remain today! I have a genuine belief that more can be done to support young people in society. Young people of this generation get a raw deal, with low unemployment rates, scarce opportunity, a tough economy and fast paced technology innovation. Too much emphasis is placed on academic ability and little or no focus is given to young people to build their character, try new experiences and develop their social intelligence. I am passionate about helping young people and this was what gives me the inspiration to work for such a great business.