What is NCS?

NCS offers young people aged between 15 – 17yrs* the opportunity to build new skills, take on new challenges and meet new people.

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NCS takes place outside of term time in summer and autumn – each one is a little different but equally amazing. There are plenty of dates and the experience runs nationally so there’s nothing standing between you and the awesomeness of NCS. We run NCS across Teeside, North Tyneside, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Below is an overview of the programme but for more information about our specific opportunities and to get signed up contact our dedicated team on 01302 354004 or visit the NCS website  to sign up and feel unstoppable!

Want an unforgettable Summer?

Well, look no further! Take part on NCS this Summer and indulge in activities that’ll help you make up for some of the time you lost over lockdown. You’ll meet a bunch of new people and have a load of fun, gain skills that are great for the future and your CV, try things you’ve never tried before, show off your creative side and boost your confidence.

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If you can’t wait to get involved….

Head to the new free digital hub “CONNECT” – it’s full of content from debates to quizzes, life tips and advice to fun challenges – this will keep you connected until you can experience NCS IRL!


If you have further questions and can’t find the information on the NCS website, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help!

North East area:

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Graduates can go on to Do More Good….

Once you have completed the full NCS programme and received your certificate you are officially an NCS Graduate. However, the journey doesn’t stop on the last day of NCS if you don’t want it to! We have a full extension programme available for those who want to continue their development and stay involved with NCS.


Local Action Groups

The main way to engage in our ‘Do More Good’ phase of NCS is to join one of our Action Groups who meet once a month. These groups are primarily in place to drive awareness and planning for a project to take place on Action Day, the remainder of the agenda will be decided by the team members based on their wishes and personal goals. These groups are also an ideal opportunity for NCS Graduates to have their voice heard, they will be given the chance to have an input and have their say on future NCS programmes by reviewing previous seasons and suggesting how to develop them to keep moving forward.


Action Day

This is a national movement and takes place once a year in April in all local areas across the country, the Action Group will design the project and invite their local NCS group to come back together to deliver their project on Action Day.


Regional Youth Board

Towards the end of your NCS programme you will be given the opportunity to apply to be on your Regional Youth Board, this group meets 4 times a year and brings ideas together for continued involvement in social action and community engagement. Should you be successful in your application you will take part in Kick Start prior to commencing meetings on the RYB. Members of the Regional Youth Board will also be members of the Local Action Group.


Kick Start

Kick Start is a residential taking place in February for members of all Regional Youth Boards in the country. You will be given the skills, tools and knowledge to be the best members possible on your board, not to mention meeting like-minded people across the country.


NCS Leaders

NCS Leaders is a week’s residential for people who are motivated to drive positive change, represent youth voice and champion the NCS programme at both a regional and national level. There are 3 streams to this; Youth Voice Leaders, Social Action Leaders and Communication Leaders. This is an opportunity which is only available after continued involvement in our Graduate programme.